1. Daily Religious Rituals Activities
  • At the praying place of the organization, idols of the deities – Ganesh, Shib-Parbati, Kali, Laxmi-Narayan, Radha-Krishna, Saraswati, Shiba-Linga and Saint Baba Lokenath Bramhacharee have been established. Every evening, Puja and Arti are offered by different priests of the community. Simultaneously, prayer, devotional song and Harinaam Songkirton are performed by the devotees of the community. Mongol Chandee Broto is performed in Every Tuesday evening.
  1. Religious Activities
  • According to Bengali Hindu calendar, the organization celebrates major religious events/festivals such as – Durga Puja, Shyama Puja, Saraswati Puja, Lakxmi Puja, Janmashtomee, Shib Ratri, Dol Purnima etc. [Details in Event Calendar]
  • Other than these, three festivals of Sree Sree Baba Lokenath Bramhacharee, Yearly Shani Puja, Yearly Day-Long Harinam Songkirton, Pitri Torpon and many others are celebrated. [Details in Event Calendar]
  • Different Religious Groups (Follower of different Guru) also perform their yearly events.
  • Different spiritual persons visit and deliver their spiritual speeches and advices.
  • Families in the community occasionally perform their puja to the specific deities at their own arrangement.
  1. Socio-Religious Activities
  • Families in the community arrange their socio-religious activities like Surjarghya (On the birth of new born), OnnoPtashon (Mukh-e-bhat), Bidyarombha (Hate Khari), YagyaSutra (Paita Dharon), Weeding Ceremony, and ShraddhaKarma (After Funeral Rituals) etc.
  • Kirtonia Groups of the organization perform Harinam Songkirton (Chanting Hare Krishna) in funeral home during funeral rituals, in other temple during shraddha or any pujas, at residences during puja/shraddha, bastupuja (Griha Probesh) etc.
  1. Social Activities
  • Support the community members/families to celebrate their different events like birthdays, marriage anniversaries, death anniversaries etc.
  • Condolence Messages are communicated through e-mail to the community members on departing soul of any community members or their closed relatives
  • Condolence gatherings of departing soul of any community members are performed
  • Assist in food preparation and service during the organizational, personal and family events of the community members
  • Visit the community members home to support and Console at the death of any members of their family
  • Pick up & drop off services of senior kirtonia members during daily puja & prayer activities
  • Support new comers to Integrate here in this community
  1. Cultural Activities
  • Bengali New Year Celebration
  • New Year Rally
  • Baishakhi Mela and Cultural Program
  • Competition
  • Pitha Utshob
  • Cultural Part in different Religious events
  1.  Educational Activities
  • Sunday School: Organization conducts a Sunday school aiming Religious Education, Language Learning, Music performance & Dance
  • Rehearsal for music, dance, performing arts, drawing & painting before any special events
  1. Youth Activities
  • Holi Utsob
  • Saraswati Puja Performances
  • Harinam Songkirton Team
  1. Well Being Activities
  • Health Awareness Workshop - Diabetes, Heart, Nutrition, Healthy Food
  • Senior’s Training in different aspect
  • Ethnic Vegetable Production Awareness