About Us

Bangladesh Canada Hindu Cultural Society & Bangladesh Canada Hindu Mandir is a socio religious organization which has been serving the social, religious, spirituals and cultural needs of the Hindu Community in and around Greater Toronto, Ontario, Canada since 1995. With several aims and objectives in mind, the Hindu community established a permanent place for worship and social gathering which was a long desired of the community.


In order to meet the multi-facet and diverse needs of the Hindu community, our mission is:

  • To promote and maintain the rich philosophy and traditions of Hinduism 
  • To provide social support to the community
  • To educate and enrich the socio-cultural life of the community including youth and seniors
  • To integrate the socio-cultural values of Hinduism in the broader diverse Canadian society


  •  To recognize for excellence in the quality of socio-religious services provided
  • To be the focal point of the Hindu community in providing socio-religious services with dedication, commitment and integrity
  • To promote the community as a compassionate charity, working in harmony with other charities to benefit the diverse Canadian society
  • To develop as a centre for inspiring the youth community with Hindu heritage

Core Values:

All volunteers and employees of the organization, at all times, must conduct their duties in appropriate manner to create harmony and proper environment. Following enduring values shall guide the way in which we interact with each other and with the community:

  • Know all Beings as HIS creation
  • Love them as you love HIM
  • Maintain honesty and ethics in all dealings


  • To advance religion by promoting the teaching of the Vedas and Sanatan Dharma through providing praying place, classes and forums
  • To advance education by providing scholarships, library, classes, forums and discussions to promote the Sanatan Dharma heritage, philosophy and teachings
  • To provide a community centre where members of the community can benefit from educational, spiritual, recreational and volunteering services
  • To provide assistance to needy people and in areas of natural disasters by providing humanitarian services, support, counseling and spiritual services
  • To promote and practice Sanatani Cultural heritage