Basontee Oshtomee and Onnopurna Puja

  • Posted on: 18 December 2014
  • By: admin

BASHANTI PUJA: Bashanti Puja is the celebration of Durga Puja during the Spring, or in “BASANTA”. Scripture says that actual time of Durga Puja was been celebrated by King Ravana during this spring time. However, when Lord RAMA invoked the Mother Goddess DURGA untimely (AUKAL BODHON) during the autumn to get Her blessings to win the fight against RAVANA. Since then, people started to follow the tradition done by Sree RAMA CHANDRA. Though the Durga Puja normally held for 5 days, but DURGA OSTOMEE tithi is auspicious, because Lord RAMA CHANDRA killed RAVANA during Ostomee-Nabamee Sandhi Period.

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