Shyama (Kali) Puja

  • Posted on: 18 December 2014
  • By: admin

SHYAMA PUJA: Shyama Puja is a festival dedicated to the Hindu Goddess MA KALI. It is also known as KALI Puja. It is a kind of “SHAKTI UPASONA”. It is celebrated in Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam, Orissa and other parts of India and Nepal. Dewali & Deepabolee Utsob also normally coincide with this day. The puja signifies the action against evils to sustain peace on earth. Ma Kali is a fearful form of Goddess Durga. Kali Puja is done to diminish the ego and all negative tendencies that hinder spiritual progress and material prosperity.

Date (Bangla): 
9 Kartik
Tithi (Ontario Time): 
Omabosya till 10:45 am of next day Puja: Night
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Date (English): 
Sunday, October 27, 2019